Remote Hydro Excavation

When working in tight or congested areas—or when a location is unreachable with traditional digging methods—remote hydro excavation is the obvious solution. Flex tubes are rolled out to the destination, and a high-powered air conveyance system or vacuum pulls the debris back to the hydrovac truck where it is placed into a holding tank. Like all hydro excavation, water is used to cut up the soil and create slurry, which can be more easily removed. The result is less cleanup and a faster restoration process.

Hard-to-reach locations are everywhere and can range from inside foundations to highly congested areas or between utilities where conventional digging would be impossible. It’s challenging to move heavy equipment into remote areas where it could damage the surroundings or in congested areas where people and traffic might be impacted. Hydro excavation is a good solution because the equipment can be stationed away from the actual excavation site. The process is naturally more convenient, but it also makes site restoration easier.

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