Substation Excavation

Danbert is certified to work in electrical substations where upgrades and expansion often require the precise digging that only hydro excavation can provide. In these instances, we work alongside the electrical contractors hired to complete the work, whether it’s expanding the power grid, upgrading circuits, installing transformers, or something else. At an electrical power substation, the work is typically confined, so traditional overhead excavation equipment cannot safely or effectively access the area.

Work that takes place at a substation requires input from a range of experienced professionals who must adhere to strict safety regulations. Anyone entering the work zone must be certified, and Danbert has obtained that level of certification. When the electrical contractors are on site to perform the work, we are there to provide hydro excavation services as needed. Because our equipment cannot be too close to the actual transformers, we roll out the vacuums from a location away from the structure.

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