Emergency Response

Accidents happen. From a highway diesel spill to overturned beer from a delivery truck, big spills occur unexpectedly, often inhibiting the flow of traffic. Similarly, when spray foam is used to put out a fire, the excess foam needs to be cleared from the area. In other instances, a company might be digging when something gets in the way that needs to be uncovered. Although these incidents don’t seem to have much in common, they all demand a time-sensitive response. Danbert is available for on-the-spot cleanups such as these.

No matter the time of day or night, our crews are trained for emergency response. These requests often come from the Department of Transportation or the Environmental Protection Agency—or directly from a private company. Regardless, our crews and equipment are ready to respond quickly because we understand that everything is at a standstill until we arrive. Most of our emergency response takes place in the Central Ohio area, but this service is built on a port-to-port basis.

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